The essential property cash flow calculator
The first step towards home ownership or property investment involves research. You'll need to assess your finances, determine how much you can afford to repay and calculate your holding costs.
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More than just a mortgage calculator, PropCalc:
  • uses customised data to determine the after-tax holding cost of any property
  • accounts for a range of expenses such as interest, stamp duty, deposit amount, insurance, council and property management rates, body corporate fees, repairs and maintenance costs
  • factors in potential rental income, number of weeks rented, annual income and any depreciation claims available for income producing properties

PropCalc is an essential research tool preventing you from making a misinformed decision by showing the real cost of owning the property and exactly how the purchase will affect your cash flow.

Extra features for you with MyBMT and PropCalc

Register for PropCalc through MyBMT and access a range of additional features, including the ability to save results and compare properties you are interested in.

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