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MyBMT is the latest complimentary service from BMT Tax Depreciation. This interactive portal helps property investors, Accountants and Property Managers to access and manage their details online relating to all their depreciation needs. It takes only seconds to register for on the go access to depreciation quotes, schedules and estimates anytime, anywhere.

For Property Investors
Manage the details relating to your investment property all in one central location.
Create your account with MyBMT today to:
  • View, update and download schedules
  • Upload files including photos and receipts
  • Share your schedule with your investment team
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For Accountants
MyBMT makes managing your clients’ depreciation schedules simple and stress free.
Our online portal allows you to:
  • Request a quote for a new depreciation schedule
  • See how your clients' schedules are progressing
  • Download completed schedules in CSV and Excel formats
  • Request updates to your clients’ schedules
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For Property Managers
Add value to your existing service with MyBMT, the perfect tool to manage your clients' depreciation needs.
The online portal allows you to:
  • View free estimates from your recently listed properties
  • Request a quote for a depreciation schedule on behalf of your clients
  • Keep your clients informed on how their schedules are progressing.
  • Provide completed schedules and request updates as needed
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MyBMT features
Below are just some of the great features and benefits available for MyBMT users
With a few simple clicks you can set up your MyBMT account to manage all your depreciation needs.
Discover the depreciation deductions available for an investment property at any stage of ownership.
Keep informed on the progress of requests, receive regular updates and allow access for relevant parties to stay up to date and in touch.
Save time, save money and see results. View deductions for completed schedules anytime, anywhere and see the cash flow benefits.
Allows documents and invoices related to any investment property to be uploaded and kept in one place.
With secure logins, backups and the latest web security you can be confident your details are safe.

PropCalc helps you calculate the likely holding costs for any residential property.

Available to use online or download as an app, PropCalc helps users to:
  • View a property's cost or income on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis
  • Discover if an investment property is positively or negatively geared, plus the estimated depreciation deductions
  • Compare multiple properties at a glance and evaluate which property best meets their scenario

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