Why MyBMT?
For property investors
Our online portal allows you to manage the details relating to your investment all in one central location. View and update your schedule, manage your details and set up your investment team with a few simple steps.
For accountants

MyBMT makes managing your client's depreciation schedules simple and stress free.

Our online portal allows you to see how your client’s schedules are progressing, access completed BMT Tax Depreciation Schedules for your clients’ in both CSV and Excel formats, request a quote for your clients and order a new depreciation schedule.

What a great service and fantastic idea - you are always a step ahead. Having this will make it so much easier than remembering where I have a hard copy or where I filed the soft copy on my computer… Well done.

Sandra, MyBMT client
MyBMT features
With a few simple clicks you can set up your account and manage your investment.
Invite internal and external users to make sure you have the right people on your team.
Save time
Provide your investment team with quick access to view and share documents.
With secure logins, backups and the latest web security you can be confident your details are safe.
As your investments grow, MyBMT grows with them. Add more properties as required.
Store documents related to your investment so that everything you need is at your fingertips.
The smarter, easier and faster way to manage depreciation schedules
Create your account
With a few simple clicks you will be ready to manage schedules online.
Order a schedule
Place an order for a depreciation schedule.
Schedule progress
View the progress of ordered schedules.